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Additional information

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Important information

This section contains documents that are important to the overall subject of Infringements in the UK. For specific 'latest information', (e.g.: some news item, useful links, or the latest measurements available),  see the relevant section using the tabs above - for example 'News' for Hot News, Links for many individual items useful to pilots, or 'Statistics'. The latter has the latest monthly infringement graphs and data (counts/percantages) gleaned from the reports made by pilots following infringements. See below for important information about the subject as a whole.

Airspace Infringements – Background Information

Important information about airspace infringements, including:

  • What is an airspace infringement?
  • Who infringes
  • How often do infringements occur?
  • And more…

These are now available as a PDF: Background Information to Infringements Aug 2012

Letter from NATS to Flying Clubs, Schools, etc

NATS has written to all flying clubs, schools, FTOs and Registered Facilities about safety concerns caused by infringements, offering advice: NATS letter to Clubs, etc.